Mcdvoice Survey Benefits & Requirements to Get a Coupon

mcdvoice survey checklist

McDonald’s being one of the largest food chains in the world and mainly the USA, the Company does a lot for the customers and their feedback on services and food. With this main purpose, the McDVoice customer satisfaction survey is introduced for its customers and their valuable feedback which can lead to providing various discounts and free burgers on their next visit.

The McDVoice actually listens to their customer’s voice and offers them a voucher or coupon which can be redeemed in their next visit to McDonald’s store.

Focus Of McDVoice

  1. Quality of the food being served,
  2. High-level customer satisfaction,
  3. Service of the employees is checked upon,
  4. Process of ordering is easier,
  5. The ambiance and the vibe is maintained,
  6. Employee satisfaction is also mentioned.

Essentials to take McDonald’s Survey

  1. Candidate must be of at least 15 years.
  2. You can take up the survey five times a month.
  3. Redeem your voucher code within 30 days of your survey because the extension is strictly not allowed.
  4. You must be a resident of the USA or Canada.
  5. You must use the last week’s valid receipts for registration purposes.
  6. You should not be an employee at McDonald’s in the past.
  7. McDVOICE can anytime suspend the coupon without any clarification as it deems fit.

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Step by step procedure for McDVoice Survey

  1. To begin with, the Survey portal, visit the official website that is
  2. Select the language at your convenience.
  3. Enter the “survey code” mentioned in your McDonald receipt.
  4. Enter the store number, visit date, and time in case you don’t have the survey code.
  5. Make sure to enter the correct data and click “Start”.
  6. A short questionnaire list shall appear which is to be filled by the customer fairly.
  7. You will also be asked about the quality of food, service and the behavior of the staff.
  8. Click “Submit Button” after you have selected all the answers.
  9. Now, you will receive a validation code at the end of the process, note it down and show it in your next visit in the same month.
McDonald's Offers
  • McDonalds Coupon code

Benefits of McDVoice Survey

  1. McDonald’s is a great brand that always adds a new item to the menu and is a regular basis.
  2. To figure out if McDonald’s is delivering its best, customers should take part in the survey and provide their valuable feedback and not consider it a waste of time.
  3. The survey helps the company in reviewing its services and quality which in turn helps the company to improve the same.
  4. It is an advantage to the customer because you can use the coupon which you receive after taking up the survey on your next visit to McDonald’s and enjoy a free meal.
  5. Every comment from the McDonald’s customer satisfaction survey is valuable for the company.
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McDonald’s always aims for the maximum level of customer satisfaction and tries to maintain a high level for its customers. With McDonald’s survey and feedback portal, the company expects honest opinions and in return reward their customers when they complete a Customer Satisfaction Survey.