Use and Impact of Technology in Agriculture


Nowadays, everything is modernized using technology. Technology has replaced even the most recent techniques for better and efficient outcomes. Earlier everything was manual; now everything is automatic and more advanced. Technology has been a great asset for humankind. (Also ReadAgriculture Android Apps In 2017)

One of the biggest needs of humanity for its existence is agriculture. Even the farm sector is not untouched by technology. More and more agricultural practices have now been transformed using technology. Now, it is possible to grow crops even in a desert with the help of technology.

Use of Technology in Agriculture

Crops have become advanced and secure. Significant changes have been made in the irrigation, farming and planting techniques. Here we will discuss the uses and impacts of technology in Agriculture.

Use of Technology in Agriculture

Nowadays, technology is widely used in farming. Technology has enabled man to get rid of the manual efforts that he put into agriculture. Now there are machines to help him. Here are some of the primary uses of technology in the agricultural sector:

  • Use of devices: The most important factors in agriculture are time and production. The production should be high and time consumed should be less. With the help of machines like tractors, cutters etc. farming has become faster and more productive. Earlier, bulls were used for the same which was labor intensive as well as time-consuming.
  • Modern Transportation Systems: No more bullock carts are needed for transporting the harvest to the market. Current transportation systems have enabled the farmers to transport their crops to the market within a short period. This way the authenticity of the harvest is also maintained. Crops are no more damaged during transportation, and fresh products are available for the consumers.

Modern Transportation System

  • Weather forecast systems: One of the biggest boons of technology to agriculture is the weather forecast system. Now farmers can know the weather beforehand and take necessary precautions to prevent damage to their crops.
  • Irrigation of plants: Canals are no more a big problem for agriculture. Water pumps are used to deliver water for irrigating the crops. In Egypt, farmers have successfully used water pumps to draw water from the Nile and irrigate their crops.
  • Genetic Engineering: Nowadays, some plants are produced genetically which make them resistant to insects and other conditions and at the same time enables them to produce a good yield. These are mostly known as hybrid products.

The Impact of Technology in Agriculture

Technology has had a great impact on agriculture. The productivity and yield of goods have increased, and at the same time, it has proved to be profitable for the farmers. Technology has not only made the farmers profitable but has brought us good products. It is a challenging task to meet the food demand of such a big population.

In such a situation technology, has enabled the farmers to produce a much larger yield than ever before. With the advent of technology, we have got better and hybrid products. The nutritional value of crops has now increased, and plants are no more prone to diseases. Now our farmers no more depend on rainfall, they have pumps to irrigate their fields.

Thus, the price of food items has gone down significantly. Scientists have prepared better DNAs of plants which are powerful enough to sustain any attack. Technology has primarily impacted this sector.


It is a good sign that technology has touched agriculture. The benefits that technology has provided in the agricultural sector are numerous. Technology has proved to be the perfect companion for farming. Global population has mostly been affected by the use of technology in agriculture. It is a real legacy and will be vastly useful in the future when we face scarcity in some of the most valuable natural resources.