Must-Have Agriculture Android Apps to Increase Efficiency


A significant part of our economy is dependent upon agricultural production, and over 70% of the rural population is almost dependent upon agriculture. Agriculture happens to be the only source of income for this population in the countryside. Today, as almost everyone is using a Smartphone, here is the blog post consisting of the useful Agriculture Android Apps for farmers to become more productive.

If agriculture is affected due to some conditions, these people are entirely cut off from a primary source of revenue. Floods, Famine, and water shortage are the main causes of the decrease in the production of agricultural products. Check How I paid for my Traffic Challan.

Smart work accompanied by the hard work that the farmer does is needed for the better outcome of the agricultural production. Android seems to be the growing platform in the world that could be helpful for the farmers of every country.

The mobile app frenzy is not just a short-lived fad after all. It is going to stay for a while so one should have a hold of these applications to be updated with the fast-growing world. So, here are the Android apps for the agricultural field.

Agriculture Android Apps You Must Download

Some of the must-have Android applications that would be useful to the farmers are:

  • Connected Farm Field

This is basically an Agriculture Android application that could track the number of expenses that are incurred in the whole process right from buying the raw material for agriculture which is seeds to the harvesting of crops and then sending them to the market for selling. It is a flexible application as it can be used for every kind of crop.

  • AgLogic Mobile

This application is helpful when one has agricultural land in more than two places. Suppose if one produces some crop in some land and then use some different type of land to harvest the completed crop, this application is helpful as it tracks the logistically involved parameters. Everything including the transportation is taken care of, and also they have a website that could track the payment, distance, etc. by giving input to the site.

  • MapShots Harvest Entry

An extension to the AgLogic application. One can enter the type of facility he has and also the kind of product type that has to be transported. Keep track of the load that leaves the field and then when it reaches the facility.

Quantifying the amount of green vegetation by just clicking the picture from the smartphone and then uploading it to the app. Canopy analyzes the image and then makes an almost accurate estimation of the amount of canopy-covered crops, grasslands, etc. Then the information is used to track the growth of the plants and monitor the development.

  • Farm At Hand

This Agriculture application is a cloud-based application that is used to organize the data that is collected by the year-long accumulation of data of the key parameters of the field. There are automatically downloadable data available of the crop insurance, agronomists, and market consultants.

  • Open Scout

This is a documentation application that is used to accumulate data about insects, weeds, diseases, and general agronomic issues and give a solution for them.


So, those are the best Agriculture Android Apps every farmer considers using. The fast-growing Android platform should be made useful in the agricultural sector to have the production of crops in leaps and bounds. This will also benefit not only the farmer but the economy.