Home Depot Survey – Win $5000 Gift Card

Home Depot Survey - Win 5000 Gift Card

Buying a home was one of the most important milestones I crossed as an adult. The thrill of paying your new house’s initial deposit is only second to furnishing the house and making it yours. When I bought my house, furnishing it was made easy with Home Depot. I also had a lot of fun doing it. Did I forget to mention that I got the $5000 gift card giveaway for participating in the home depot survey as well? Yes, you read that correctly. 

What is the Home Depot Survey?

Like every other company that hopes to remain relevant, Home Depot improves its products and services all the time to ensure customer satisfaction. One way they do this is through the ongoing Home Depot Survey. The 5-minute survey gives customers a chance to provide valuable feedback to the company. These customers become eligible to win a $5000 gift card after successful completion of the survey. 

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Keep in mind that participating in the survey doesn’t automatically get you the $5000 gift card. It only gives you a spot in the Home Depot monthly draw. You don’t need to pay to enter the draw. As long as you are a customer of the store, you qualify to leave feedback for the products and services you have purchased and your experience in the store. So, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. To qualify for the survey and draw, you must be at least 18 years old. Also, only residents of the United States can participate in the survey. 

How to Participate in the Home Depot Survey?

Step One: Purchase a Product from Any Home Depot Store 

Almost all the furniture in my home was purchased from Home Depot. So, it was easy for me to participate in the survey without buying anything else. If you don’t need remodeling, you can buy one or two products from the store, which is the only way to qualify for the customer satisfaction survey. 

Step Two: Visit the Home Depot Survey Website 

Right after you receive your order and use the product, visit the Home Depot website’s survey section at www.HomeDepot.com/Survey. When the page loads completely, click on begin the survey and enter the details required. The first detail they will demand is your postal code to ensure that you are a United States resident. 

Step Three: Enter Your User ID and Password 

With your receipt next to you, enter your User ID and password in the required fields and make sure that you give honest and straightforward answers to each question that follows. Don’t just write what you think they want to hear. If the product doesn’t satisfy your needs, you should not pretend that it does, as such feedback will not be valuable to the company. Right after you’ve completed the survey, you will see a thank you message for your participation. Enter the sweepstakes to stand a chance of winning the grand prize. 

Home Depot Survey Rewards

The Home Depot survey’s grand prize is $5000, but not everyone will be fortunate enough to win this reward. Thousands of customers in the United States participate in the sweepstakes daily for a chance, but only a handful of participants can earn the ultimate prize. I was fortunate enough to win the $5000 gift card only once. At the time, I was almost done with the furnishing in my new home, but one of the bedrooms still needed work. So, the gift card was used to buy the appropriate furniture for the room. 

If you want to get other Home Depot gifts, the best way to do this is download the Fetch Rewards app on your mobile device. This app will allow you to track points each time you purchase in any Home Depot store. The points can subsequently be redeemed for gift cards. The gift cards range from $5 to $50. It’s not the $5000 everyone wants, but you don’t need to complete any survey or enter the sweepstakes to get these gift cards. The more points you accumulate from purchases, the more valuable the gift card. 

Conditions to Participate 

  • All participants must be willing to provide some personal contact information after completing the survey. 
  • All participants must be legal residents in the United States. Visitors are not allowed to participate. 
  • All participants must be at least 18 years. 
  • All participants must have the receipts of their purchases from Home Depot. 
  • The goods purchased must be done within the last 30 days before the survey. If the receipt is more than 30 days old, you don’t qualify. 

How Many Home Depot Stores are There? 

The Home Depot has more than 2,293 retail stores across the United States, Canada, the District of Columbia, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. The company announced its expansion plans to other parts of the world a few months ago. 

How Much is the Company Worth? 

The Home Depot is worth almost $300 billion, according to the New York Stock Exchange. Last year, the company’s report revealed that it had $110.2 billion in sales and $11.2 billion in profits. 

Can I Return a Product After Using the Receipt for a Survey? 

Home Depot has a relatively straightforward return and refund policy as long as you haven’t damaged the product, you can take it back to any Home Depot outlet with a receipt. You will have the option to either get a refund or exchange the product for another one. As long as you truly cannot use the product, your feedback will be useful, and you may be allowed to enter the sweepstakes. 

What are my Chances of Winning the Sweepstakes? 

The Home Depot pays just one contestant $5000 once every three months. So, during this period, you will have a 1 to 1.3 million chance of winning. The good news is that the survey is easy to complete, and you’re not going to lose anything from participating. Who knows, you might be lucky. 

Are There Other Sweepstakes From the Home Depot? 

While the $5000 sweepstake is the most attractive, Home Depot hosts many other sweepstakes from time to time. This year alone, there have been six other sweepstakes from the company with different prizes. These other sweepstakes don’t attract as many participants as the $5000 sweepstakes. So, your chances of winning will be higher. 


Home Depot is currently the largest provider of home improvement products and services in the United States. This shouldn’t be a surprise since the company has held steady since 1978. The Home Depot survey and $5000 sweepstakes are the company’s way of giving back to the community while promoting its products and services. I must admit that winning $5000 after completing a 5-minute survey made me completely loyal to the Home Depot. They may not have offered me cash, but I benefited from the products I purchased with the gift card.